Participate in high energy, full-body workouts that target maximum fat burn. Each class runs 60 minutes and is designed to implement the top five most effective training techniques that burn fat, build muscle, and boost energy. With a CTE coach leading the way, you will receive instruction, guidance, motivation and the ability to modify movements based on your skill level.

• Group setting

• Designed to accommodate beginners, intermediate, or advanced levels

• Endurance based

• Functional training

• Workout variety

• Warm-up and cool-down


Train in the best of both worlds. Semi-private training gives you an opportunity to receive a personalized program specific to your goals while training in a small group setting. Semi-private training allows for a more focused approach for individuals with prior injuries, health-related issues, or post-surgical care to receive training in a controlled, focused environment. Semi-private training also focuses on 

strength-based programs for individuals looking to maximize their results. Each group requires a minimum of 3 persons, maximum of 5 persons. Start your own semi-private group today or ask how you can join an existing group.

• Small group setting 

• Individualized program

• Goal specific

• Strength based

• Prior injury, health-related illness, or post-surgical care specific

• Warm-up and cool-down

• Free InBody230 body composition


E:     P: (407) 448-4895

A: 447 W. State Road 436 Altamonte Springs FL 32714